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What is upcycling?

In contrast to the process of recycling, during which the initial material is destroyed before being processed, upcycled materials maintain their initial form when they are processed. In both cases, (textile) waste in reused.


Two examples for processing textiles:

  • Recycling: from cloth to fiber
    Old textiles are cut up into very small pieces and the obtained fibers are used, e.g., as stuffing for car seats.
  • Upcycling: cloth remains cloth
    Old textiles are cut to size and sewed together to form something new - e.g. a SweeTiPouch.

From which material are isinesunshine SweeTiPouches made?

For my SweeTiPouches I use all different sorts of old, torn and outworn textiles, which would normally be thrown away:

  • used clothes
  • table linen and bedlinen
  • curtains, pillowcases, cloth bags
  • cloth samples
  • remmants
  • textile ribbons and tags
  • patches, labels, bows, buttons
  • single earrings, pendants, charms, badges

some examples :