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Upcycling SweeTiPouches - eco-friendly in two respects:

made from eco-friendly material

The upcycling SweeTiPouches are made from already existing material, which would otherwise be recycled (in the best case) or combusted (in the worst case).

The upcycling counteracts our throwaway society by consciously revaluing seemingly worth- and useless materials.

It encourages the recognition of these objects' value and benefit as raw material - an ugly patterned tablecloth from the last millenium can become a very pretty SweeTiPouch!

against wastage caused by laziness

Espaially in train stations, on stairs and in public spaces, they lie around on the ground: (half-)full plastic packages of tissues.
Why? Whoever drops one of them is usually too lazy to pick them up again as it's not worth the effort.
The consequence? The waste remains on the ground, is picked up during street cleaning, taken to the dump and combusted instead of being appropriately recycled.

But: Who would abandon his fallen down SweeTiPouch on the ground? Nobody!

Spotted a plastic package of tissues on the ground?

Make others notice this waste, too!

Take a picture of it and post it on Instagram using the #stoppollutionuseSweeTiPouches !