isinesunshine TaTüTäs

JoPoMous isinesunshine



... "isinesunshine"?

Nearly 20 years ago, this was my very first nickname on the net - and it survived until today!


- "SweeTiPouch"?

Based on the german name I chose (TaTüTä = tissue pouch), I tried to fiend an english name with a three-syllable abbreviation and thought of Sweet Tissue Pouch, short SweeTiPouch. This is the origin of this slightly odd name.


- do I sew?

Well, it's a lot of fun and at the same time it's a great opportunity to upcycle textiles, ribbons, fashion jewelry and more. As I really do not like to throw things but love to give old things a whole new life and contribute my share to the environment, for me, this is as a great bonus of sewing.


- of all things do I sew SweeTiPouches?

They are plainly handy - no nick-nacks standing around and getting dusty in some corner but a basic commodity in daily life. They are a great gift and useful for everyone - for handbag or pocket, bedside or coffee table. Thanks to their small size, many different creative ideas can be realized in no time and many different materials, patterns, colours, patches, etc. can be combined

It simply never gets boring.