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isinesunshine SweeTiPouches - plainly handy!


isinesunshine SweeTiPouches (= Sweet Tissue Pouches), both upcycled and individual, are little creations handmade with love and accommodate 10 paper tissues.

Once empty, the SweeTiPouch can be refilled dead easily with a few simple touches in no time (even without any plastic waste!).

Unlike the usual plastic packs, they have many advantages:

  • they are way prettier
  • and can therefore be found much easier and faster - even in a giant handbag!


  • no torn packs - they are stable, (machine) washable and hence durable 
  • the tissues do not get dirty

Just like the standard packs, the SweeTiPouches fit into nearly every pocket, handbag and jacket pocket, Furthermore, they are a great

  • decorative tissue dispenser
    on desk, bedside or coffee table
  • gift on any occasion
    for a wedding or a speedy recovery, as thank you or lucky charm, for a birthday or jubilee, etc.
  • suitable for absolutely everyone
    even for those hard to find a fitting gift for as they already have it all!

They are an accessory you will enjoy!

SweeTiPouches for everyone

I experienced SweeTiPouches as an accessory exclusively for women and their handbags but I asked myself:

"Why is that?"

From a practical point of view, they do not exclusively suit women. That is why I modified the design and sewed models not (just) looking feminine or even masculine matching suits.

Now, there is a perfectly fitting isinesunshine SweeTiPouch for everyone!

for her

for him

and for the kids