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refill with standard tissue packs generating plastic waste to be recycled: see below

zero waste refill with handkerchiefs: see below

The SweeTiPouches can be refilled (with little effort) without generating any plastic waste.
How it works? It's really easy-peasy!
You just need a box of tissues, which you fold twice individually to fit into the SweeTiPouch.

The only packaging involved is made from 100% waste paper.


The tissues themselves are compostable and made from 100% waste paper.
isinesunshine SweeTiPouches are hence a suitable accessory for zero waste homes!

promotion video (German):

Alternatively, the SweeTiPouches can also be refilled with standard tissue packs - just take the tissue stack out of the pack and transfer it into your SweeTiPouch.
The plastic waste (the pack) is usually produced at home, where it can be thrown into the right bin to be recycled appropriately.

Contrary to taking plastick packs outdoors and throwing them away in the street, this refill procedure has the great advantage of the plastic pack being recycled as it should and not combusted

It is also extremely easy to refill the SweeTiPouches with handkerchiefs without any waste produced at all:


1-2: place the handkerchief on the SweeTiPouch




3-5: fold the handkerchief gradually, a bit narrower than the SweeTiPouch



6-7: fold in from both sides to obtain a size slightly smaller than the SweeTiPouch




8: repeat steps 1-7 and stack the handkerchiefs (depending on size and thickness, 3-4 handkerchiefs fit into the SweeTiPouch)




9-10: put a stack into the SweeTiPouch




11. ready to use!