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The perfect present for your guests for every personal occasion

No matter on which event you would like to surprise your guests with a gift coming from the heart,
together we will find the perfect SweeTiPouch for your !

Wedding - the most beautiful day of your life !

You'd like to share your perfect day with your loves ones and thank them for being there for and with you and celebrating with you making it the most beautiful day of your life. Besides, you'd like to return something to your guests for their great wedding presents, their kind congratulations and their shared joy - a personal guest gift.


With isinesunshine SweeTiPouches, individually handmade with love, you offer your guests a unique and distinctive souvenir of your special day, which they will use for a long time, always reminding them of the party bringing back all the happy memories.


Give a part of your wedding, which can't be bought in any shop to your guests!

individual design perfectly matching your wedding

Everything is taken into account for your design:

  • colour concept and theme of your wedding
  • your personal wishes
  • personalized label possible
    e.g. with your initials or wedding date
  • individually gift-wrapped on request

Your custom-made SweeTiPouch mirrors the very own personality of your wedding and is no machine-made mass-produced article but a tasteful, thought-out and extraordinary gift coming from the heart.


Matching your colour concept, the SweeTiPouches can perfectly be integrated into your venue's table decoration brightening up the ambience.

Naturally, isinesunshine SweeTiPouches are also the perfect guest gift for your engagement party!

Jubilee, festive occasion

Not just on your wedding you'd like to make your guests happy with a personal guest gift being a joy and a nice souvenir of the wonderful occasion to them. With isinesunshine SweeTiPouches that is very easy.

Whether it is for your silver wedding, your club's jubilee, your birthday or any other party - together, we will find the perfect SweeTiPouch as guest gift for your festive occasion!

personalized & distinctive

In accordance with your occasion, we design your SweeTiPouch together considering:

  • your personal occasion
  • your theme and colour concept
  • your individual wishes and preferences

a gift coming from the heart & a lasting memory

Your guests will notice at first sight hat your guest gift is handmade with love and comes from the heart and will appreciate this. That way, each guest takes their own piece of the party home.


Your guests will carry the memory of your festive occasion with them - not least because of the SweeTiPouches constantly reminding them of it for a long time in their daily life.

Request your individual design right now!

Just send me your request including the occasion, your wishes and the quantity via e-mail or contact form:

Subsequently, if necessary after queries, you will receive your personal non-binding offer.

Of course, it is also possible to order a motley assortment of upcycled SweeTiPouches in any quantity.

According to your event, You just choose the desired quantity and model. In addition, You can also specify your preferences concerning the range of colours and patterns as well as your target group. According to availability, I will propose either finished SweeTiPouches or cloths to upcycle matching your wishes to You.

You can send me your request via e-mail or contact form:

Ordering such an assortment can spare you the stress of searching gifts before Christmas!

Give SweeTiPouches to your family and friends.

A handmade gift coming fron the heart are always a winner!